Opt Mini Comic The Red Hog Soup 2021 En 1 Bts18 | 1

«The Red Hog Soup» 1of 2 EN [mini-comics]

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  • 1 min read

We continue the series of mini-comics, in the fictional world of Chief Elemental. He continues to prepare his culinary delights. And he develops creatively in his dishes. This time the action takes place in the tropical jungle, where he lured his disciple. Well, enjoy…

A Chubby Bear Is Having Dinner At A Restaurant

«A Compliment From The Chef» 1-2 [mini comics] EN

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  • 2 min read

Chef Elemmntal, known in the narrow circles of gourmets for exotic dishes. Rich people from all over the world come to his restaurant to attend special closed-type banquets with a club card.

Big guy Mike has been coming here in the evenings for a week now to have a hearty meal and while away the free time of his travel. But this evening something went wrong.