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a chubby bear is having dinner at a restaurant

«A Compliment From The Chef» 1-2 [mini comics] EN

  • Comics
  • 2 min read

Chef Elemmntal, known in the narrow circles of gourmets for exotic dishes. Rich people from all over the world come to his restaurant to attend special closed-type banquets with a club card.

Big guy Mike has been coming here in the evenings for a week now to have a hearty meal and while away the free time of his travel. But this evening something went wrong.

«In The Thumbscrews Of Jungle» cover naked version [chubby bear comic]

  • Comics
  • 1 min read

Version with a nude character Micah [ap6y3chub] In this version, the font will some not prevent you from seeing all the desired details of the hefty body a big boar-guy. There are several variations in different degrees of exposure. We’ll take off his sweaty tank, and a torn jockstrap. As well as socks and boots.

The frame shows the moment when the big guy jumps from a cliff into the river and his furry body is about to become wet.

Still alive, but doomed – 3 [muscle chubby bear comic page]

Time seems to have stood still. The brain can barely withstand the overload and clutches at life which slowly floats away into the unconscious. The naked chubby guy body burns mercilessly with the heat from the coals. The whistling in the ears and the lively voices of the aborigines are not understandable for perception…

The guy boar ends its rainforest journey on a spit – 2 [muscle chubby bear art]

The action of storyline is nearing its logical ending. And this art captures a moment that is emotionally charged to the maximum. When you look at this chubby bear male, you involuntarily turn on a sense of empathy, and you are somehow involved in this fantasy.

You can experience a whole mix of experiences simultaneously, such as horror, delight, anger, pity, protest, passion, excitement, and anything else. The main thing is that you do not remain indifferent, and this is the provocation of history.

When a rare day brings big game – 1 [muscle chubby bear art]

So, guys. Who to miss the more brutal stories? This time a tale about how a muscle chubby white male fell into the clutches of the rainforest hunters.
A hackneyed plot that can even be attributed to the genre’s classics, but let’s see what you say to that.

We draw art set, from photomontage ap6y3chub [Micah], which was made by AlexHunter, and the story by Yagov Sangria.
So, enjoy…