Ien McNeice fanart [chubby men sketch]

Ien Mcneice Sketch 1 | 1
Ien Mcneice Sketch 3 | 2

Actor Ien McNeice is one of those chubby men that I sympathize with. I especially respect when they do not hesitate to be naked in the frame and behave in a relaxed and dignified manner. And this hot daddy is just one of them.

There is a very erotic scene from the 2002 film “Anazapta”. And I took some frames from those episodes to devote some sketches to him.

Unfortunately, modern cinema mainly exploits stereotypical images of thin guys and glossy characters. We miss the days when this changes. And we are eager to see fat daddys in the movies who, in our opinion, have a natural natural beauty of male body like a big bear.


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