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Bear Guy Playful Milkman
Amongst so many artists that cater to the human desires and raw emotions, BTS18+ have carved out a niche for themselves as the best in business to mix pleasure and desires with a touch of dark fantasy and have perfected this balancing act. The characters are all very realistically drawn and their expressions convey the fear and the other plethora of emotions to the reader perfectly. I have been a fan of their art for more than a year and BTS18+ have never failed to surprise and entice me with their work.
Mark Rierden
Patron Subscriber
I have been following BTS18+ creativity for several years now. I was awed by how skilled Jim is when I saw the chest hair with its various directions as it is on most men, rather than the as perfectly aligned hair. You guys know a lot about how to show masculinity.
Patron Subscriber (writer)
Thanks for the in-progress drawings! I am finding them useful for improving my own drawing skills, working on some illustrations for my erotic chubby stories.
Chif Rigel
Patron Subscriber

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