Analytics of male characters in our creative style

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Perhaps you have already managed to understand our preferences and what type of characters is the favorite of our work. Of course this is a big topic for discussion and there are always variations, but I made an attempt to portray this in the form of a Radar Chart in this article.

A3 Micah4 mini

Not surprisingly, our tastes coincide with the main features of the character’s image. And it even matches our character and appearance in reality.
There are also slight differences in preferences, but this is a favorable circumstance. Due to this, there is variability in creativity, and sometimes we argue a little and choose what this or that character of a male will be in the plot of art or comics. And they are different, but at the same time, you always know that it will most likely be a chubby, sturdy bear or a playful fat guy with masculine features of a stubborn character but moderately playful, sensitive to affection, big guy. So if you like the same thing then you are definitely in the right place.

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