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We are starting to publish comic book «In The Thumbscrews Of Jungle» [chubby bear comic page]

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Сover "In The Thumbscrews Of Jungle"

Hooray! Finally we waited. Meet the cover – the beginning of the second part of the comic “Prescription BBQ from Mr. Laam” this part is called – “In The Thumbscrews Of Jungle”. This comic is dedicated to all chasers and fans of big hairy guys with a masculinity build. Usually the type of these guys is called a hairy bear or chubby bear. Especially if you fantasize about seeing a big manly daddy bear in adventures and danger when he fights for his life and resists not to become a victim.
The plot takes on unexpected forms and even the cover itself raises many questions – what the hell ?! What’s happening?

You will learn about all this by exploring the second volume of the comic. The second volume is more provocative, and we go even further beyond the boundaries of normalcy by telling you fairy tales at night.

As you remember, the first part of the story ended at the climax, when the protagonist of the story Micah was suddenly captured and immobilized in a specially equipped armchair disguised as a massage. And then he got an injection of sleeping pills in his neck and passed out.

Prescription BBQ from mr.Laam - 25page

Up to this point, everything looked like a luxurious vacation, and there was nothing unusual, except for some little things that are not noticeable at first glance. But in fact, the trap has already slammed, the victim is simply unaware of it.
Mr. Laam’s sophisticated plan is to play with his prey.

And while the preparations are underway, the owner of the villa pleases and nourishes his “invited guest”.
The plan goes on its own course and time inevitably brings the main character closer to the fatal fate prepared for him, which he still does not suspect.

As you understood from Mr. Laam’s speech, Micah was not chosen by chance, they were looking for a candidate for a sacrifice for some time and chose him for many reasons. Of course, first of all, this is the size of the male, masculinity – he should resemble a large beast. Muscle and fat, reproductive age as well as great strength and wild disposition.

In the second part, everything will become clear and Mr. Laam’s shocking plan will be revealed. There are many action scenes here, and the struggle for survival. The characters act openly and decisively. You will find out exactly why, they lured a big chubby guy to their villa. B whether they will be able to implement their crazy plan.