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«Happy Halloween in Big Oven» [chubby bear ass]

  • Comics
  • 2 min read

In anticipation of the Halloween celebration, we decided to prepare several artworks for this event, in the style you are familiar with. This is the first of them, and there will be more.

I hope you would like to purchase some excellent souvenirs
in our store with these arts on this occasion, and thereby support my creativity. It will be a great gift for you or your friends.

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On the eve of Halloween, the best time to tell scary stories is late autumn evenings. Do you know at least one that matches the plot in the art?

A chef with special skills is hired to fulfill a special order. The action takes place somewhere in a remote castle in the Romanian forests. The chubby porky will be served for a festive dinner where all the nobility will arrive. And now he was thoroughly steamed in the bath, washed his pink skin. He’s great! The chef pours copious amounts of honey, and the butter chunks melt slowly on thick feet. The chubby guy still can’t believe this is a dream or reality. But if this is a dream then it looks amazing in it.


There are several versions: all chub covered with honey, honey is poured only at the bottom of the tray, and a version where there is no honey on the skin yet.