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We are open for Chubby Bear art character commissions

We are open to commission orders for drawing characters matching the chubby bear art in full-color art and sketch format. So contact me if you have an idea.
All you need is a few raw photographs for us to use as a reference. And your idea as to how you want the character to look creatively. That can be some posture, situation, clothing, or naked.


Art Full-Color

If several characters are to be present in the art plot, the price increases for each added minus 30%.

Example: Art with one full-length character $30. Art that presents a plot with the participation of two characters together $30+$21=$51

You should also understand that the concept art you ordered can be used by us in the portfolio and advertising with the preservation of our authorship. If you want to receive a character or art with our ownership’s estrangement, this is negotiated personally. The price of conceptual art character with the transfer of ownership and estrangement of authorship is discussed separately in each case. But usually, this is not required if you are not going to use the character you ordered for commercial or other purposes for profit.

Step 1

Send Request

You make a request by filling out the feedback form.
In the request, describe your order, and attach references to it in photo or picture format.

Step 2

Agreement and payment

We agreement with you on the details and your wishes for the art. You ask the questions you have. Then you pay commission.

Step 3

Sketch approval

After the first sketch is created, we will provide you with a look at it and approve how much it meets your expectations. If everything is all right, we move on. Otherwise, you can make some non-critical edits.

Step 4

Finalization and rendering

And finally, the finalization of art. At this stage, no edits are accepted. The artist works on the finishing line, works with a palette of colors and adds volume. You receive the file in the selected format with the final version.


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