Affiliate program BTS18+

There is a partnership offer for you. This information may be useful to those who wish to participate in the promotion of BedtimeStories18 on and help us expand our reach of the target audience. And as you already know, our theme is to bear gay art and comics NSFW. Exciting and hot stories in which big hairy men characters are shown in all their beauty and masculinity.
And of course, your efforts will be justly rewarded! You will receive 30% of the monthly payment amount of each subscriber you refer to BedtimeStories18.

So what you need to get started

Register in, this is necessary so that you can receive a commission on sales to your account. And then write to us that you want to become our advertising agent-partner. We will provide you with a special affiliate link to our products.

All sales and subscriptions made through that partner affiliate link automatically pay you 30% of each sale. Everything is easy and clear this is the mechanism provided for in Thus, to earn money, all you just need to do advertising and engage in attracting the target audience, and we will take care of high-quality content ourselves.

Perhaps it will be better if you read the step-by-step instructions on the website, which explains in detail how it works. In case you still have any questions.  Becoming a Gumroad Affiliate

Dropbox ad repository

Update: 23-12-2020

Click on the Dropbox shortcut to go to the repository and download logos, and other promotional materials. Please note the set of files in the repository is constantly changing and updating. I recommend that you look here from time to time to keep abreast of updates. The date of the update is indicated here.


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  1. Hi. Yes, thank you, I am glad that I became your affiliate partner a month ago. So far I have made two subscribers for you, during this time. We will continue to work.

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