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We are create art stories that excite the imagination and
do not leave you indifferent. These are like dream tales about chubby bear and hairy bear gay’s, told by hunters around a night fire. They seem to tickle your nerves and ignite passion by flirting with your instincts. In our invented universe, all this happens with courageous hefty males.
Welcome if you are one of us or a chaser.

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So… what’s going on here?

We are a creative studio, art-label BedtimeStories18, represented by two guys JimHookins and Mike, known as ap6y3chub (watermelon). Here you will find exclusive art content that is not available on public pages. You could describe it with the term “bara” [ゲイコミ], [薔薇].

As you can see, Jim’s work in a theme about big guys like a hairy bear or a chubby. We love the body aesthetics of these hefty guys, and we are one of them.
But what is even more interesting is the storylines. They are like a bedtime story, stunning and frightening and, of course, sexy and full of passion. You have hardly seen anything like this anywhere else. And it definitely won’t be boring!

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